Garage Door Panel Replacement

When it comes to your security and safety, it’s important not to overlook your garage door. An intact garage door is critical to keeping unwanted intruders out and ensuring your personal safety. Many garage doors are sectional, assembled by hinging several garage door panels together to make one solid structure. One damaged or loose-fitting garage door panel affects the security of the whole garage. 

Many people do not use their garages for just parking their cars. Garages are used as home offices, as extra storage space, and can even be converted to a living area. The last thing anyone needs is a punctured garage door panel that exposes their personal property to the elements. Harsh weather can destroy or damage valuables stored in the garage. 

What are the options for a homeowner whose garage door panels are damaged, loose, or faulty? The thought of having to replace a whole garage door can be extremely daunting and financially strenuous for many people. 

Fortunately, there is no need to replace the entire garage door when a few panels are in disrepair. You can opt to engage a qualified professional who offers garage door panels repair services. A garage door replacement panel expert helps you assess your garage door’s damage and replace the individual panels that are no longer functional.

Issues with Garage Door Panels

When there are minor damages to a garage door that only affect one or two panels, homeowners can choose to replace the affected panel(s) instead of having the whole garage door replaced. This is a minor installation that still requires expertise. It is both a cost-effective and quick repair intervention.

When Should You Replace Your Panels?

The most appropriate situations to replace your garage door panels are in the case of structural damage that is confined to a few panels:

  • Bent or Dented Panels It is a common occurrence to accidentally reverse a vehicle into a garage, especially during strenuous times. A slow moving vehicle can be driven into the garage door, causing some minor dents and bends or deformations. Heavy winds and falling objects like tree branches or poles during a storm can also cause dented panels. All is not lost.  Dented or bent panels can be fixed with a simple panel replacement. 
  • Broken Panels Depending on the material used to fabricate the panels, a heavy impact can cause some garage door panels to be broken. If the door’s overall functionality is unaffected and the damage is not severe, minor panel replacement work can restore the garage door. 

For homeowners who opt to replace individual garage door panels rather than the whole garage door, panel replacement does not mean tearing down the entire door.  A skilled garage door panel repair technician can surgically remove and replace the faulty garage door panel(s) with very little effort, restoring the integrity and appeal of your garage door once again.

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Panel Replacement vs Garage Door Replacement

There are times when just replacing a garage door panel is the best option for a faulty garage door. However, there are times when a simple garage door panel replacement is not sufficient enough to restore the integrity of the whole garage door.  Here are some pointers when weighing out the best option for your garage door repair.

  • Localized or Widespread Damage

If the garage door damage is localized to an individual panel, it usually isn’t necessary to replace the whole garage door. If the damage is spread, like a car collision, it is more worthwhile to replace the entire garage door. 

  • Availability of Panel Parts

At times the replacement panels have been discontinued and are no longer available on the market.  The only practical option in this case is to replace the garage door completely.

  •  Age of The Garage Door

It makes sense to replace one or two panels of a relatively new garage door, which has many years of use ahead of it. However, some really old garage doors are no longer structurally intact or visually pleasing. It is better to invest in a new garage door than to carry out patchy repair work on an old structure that is likely to need replacing soon. 

  • The Number of Panels Requiring Replacement

When one or two faulty garage door panels need replacing, it makes financial sense to get them individually replaced. The reverse scenario also applies when a large number of garage door panels require replacement. The cost of individual panel replacement comes close to replacing the entire garage door, making a full garage door installation the best financial option.  

Why Choose A-Team Garage Door Repair?

A-Team Garage Door Repair offers one of the best garage door panel replacement services in the area. To ensure convenient and efficient service delivery to you, we provide service 7 days a week. We understand that accidents and natural events that affect your garage door can occur at any time, and we are always ready to help. Your home security and safety is a primary concern for us.  

We are a reputable company offering a dependable and reasonable same-day service for all your panel repairs. Our team of technicians are professionally trained, licensed, and experienced for all types of panel replacements. Getting a professional to replace your panels, a poorly done job can be a danger to your safety as well as a financial risk. 

We carry out all our garage panel repair work using strict safety regulations and guidelines that ensure our finished installations are safe and secure for all our homeowners. We are always prepared with specialized tools and quality inputs when installing your garage door panels.

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