Garage Door Roller Replacement

Garage door rollers are the wheels that move the garage door along the metal tracks alongside the door. When the garage door opens, these wheels are going to slide up the track to lift it, and when it closes, the wheels slide down the track. Good quality garage door rollers allow for a smooth transition of the door between being closed and open. Poor or damaged rollers can result in the garage door stuttering while moving up and down the tracks.

Garage door roller replacement can also be dangerous. This is due to the bottom rollers being supported by the lower brackets. Mistakenly loosening the incorrect bolt can result in the garage door falling, which can cause serious injury or even death. For this reason, consulting a professional is highly recommended.

When considering changing your garage door rollers, you may consider doing the job yourself. Garage door rollers that are not installed correctly are going to result in multiple problems down the line. Some of the issues resulting from poor installation of garage door rollers are loud noises when the garage door moves as well as them slipping. These problems can easily be avoided by allowing a professional to complete the task for you. This is going to save you both money and peace of mind in the long run.

At A-Team Garage Door Repair, we handle all garage door roller issues. Whether you are looking for garage door roller replacement or repair services, we can assist you in either of those departments. We handle matters relating to garage doors with the best workmanship ensuring that you get the best possible service without breaking the bank.

Garage Door Roller Issues

When it comes to issues relating to these rollers, maintenance is very important. Ensuring that the tracks are properly lubricated and aligned is crucial. In cases where tracks are dented or loose, it may result in the rollers going off track or getting stuck in the said tracks. 

Should you be experiencing severe problems related to your rollers, you should consider replacing the garage door rollers. When choosing replacement rollers, it is recommended to go for the best rollers available to you. Nylon garage door rollers are perfect when deciding to replace your rollers as they are quieter and more resilient to damage and rust in comparison to steel.

Types of Garage Door Rollers

Most people are not aware of what garage door rollers are, let alone that there are different types of rollers. Being in possession of high-quality rollers that have been well installed is going to ensure that your garage door runs smoothly and makes as little noise as possible.

Rollers differ in the materials used to manufacture them. At A-Team Garage Door Repair, we offer the best variety of garage door rollers for all your needs. These rollers are all suited for different requirements and all have their pros and cons.

Plastic Garage Door Rollers

Plastic garage door rollers are the least expensive option of the three. These rollers are not as resilient as the other options and tend not to last as long as either the nylon or steel options. The plastic rollers also do not support as much weight as the different options and, as such, are best suited to be used for single-panel garage doors or for residential homes.

Steel Garage Door Rollers

Steel garage door rollers are the type of roller which were most recommended before the introduction of nylon rollers. These rollers are a reliable and durable option and can last for prolonged periods of time. They can support much more weight than a plastic roller. However, they are noisy, which is not always ideal.

Nylon Garage Door Rollers

Nylon garage door rollers are the rollers that are recommended by most experts in the field. Nylon rollers are the most recent garage door rollers to be introduced to consumers. These rollers are seen as a perfect hybrid between the plastic and steel rollers as they are lightweight like the plastic rollers but can still support heavy weights like the steel rollers. These rollers are also more resilient than the other options available to you and slide across the tracks more fluidly as well.

types of garage door rollers

Why Choose A-Team Garage Door Repair?

A-Team Garage Door Repair has a team of highly experienced, licensed, and professional technicians who are going to complete the job safely and professionally. By allowing us to complete the job, you are going to be assured that the job is going to be done properly, and you can expect not to encounter any issues at a later date.

Along with offering superior customer service and providing premium service, we also offer same-day service. This means that we are going to be able to provide you with assistance as quickly as possible to sort out any issues relating to your garage door. If the same-day service already did not sound good enough, we also offer a seven-day week service. This translates to us being able to assist you on any day of the week so that you won’t have to deal with the inconvenience of a damaged garage door for longer than you need to.

For any issues regarding your garage door rollers, we at A-Team Garage Door Repair offer the best service to get your garage door functioning as smoothly as ever before. We are going to have your door working as if it was brand new once again. We handle all our client’s problems in a professional and highly skilled manner so as to ensure that you get the most premium service on offer. So, let us help you fix that garage door today and give you the safety and peace of mind you are after.

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